About Us

Our Story:

The reality is that buying American has always been a core cultural and economic value among American customers — and too few clothing manufacturers. To meet these consumer demands, Carson is producing American-made and USA-themed quality jeans, shirts and more.

Nick, who served his country with distinction, lead a recent conversation with the statement that “the words American Built, they meant something to me” explaining that they’d always made him feel he was “part of something greater than myself.” With American Built Clothing, he aims to spread a positive message of “be proud of what you wear, be proud of where you’re from.”

Nick And The Marines

Nick trained to become a Marine sniper. It was his dream since ninth grade. When he finally realized this dream, he was deployed twice to Japan and once to Iraq and was wounded in service. For all of his incredibly brave efforts, he received a Purple Heart. Nick was wounded in Iraq on August 11, 2004. 

American Built Believes American-Made Is The Only Way To Be

When we use the term “truly American-made,” we mean it. Unlike some competitors who use the expression as merely a marketing hook, with American Built Clothing, the cotton, the making of the shirts, the inks, the equipment we use, and all of us doing the work are all American made. We don’t cut corners to save a buck!

Our true passion is to provide quality American made apparel at an affordable price. Together we can show our support for our Military, Veterans, First Responders, all while looking good doing it!